2015/01/22 (Thu) 15:48
Bring These Things along when coming to Dufan and what to Eat

Which surely must be brought into the area Dufan (especially if you take children):

1. Clothes replace a pair, useful after playing Rafting and Niagara-gara at Dunia Fantasi. If you do not want to change clothes, take a thin raincoat. Actually, in the sale as well as shirts, pants and thin raincoat, but harganya .... Short pants priced at Rp 55,000, -. Mending buy meatballs, right? Hehehe ....

2. There is no harm in bringing an umbrella because the weather is erratic lately. Moreover, the umbrella will always come in handy when hot want any rain.

3. Drinking water, although it could buy in, at least take deh each child a bottle. After all that much also going missing and definitely purchase again in the.

4. Hats and sun glasses. In the parking lot area sell for about USD 10,000 - USD 30,000, -.

5. Stroller, very important! Although we think we already do not need a child stroller, take aja deh! Can make putting the bag and drinks. Nothing to lose, let's just trolley goods.

Where to Eat?

Many restaurants in the entire region Dufan, you just select. And if according to my size, price range is reasonable. At lunch, we ate at Planet Baso. Food prices range from Rp 15,000, - to Rp 25,000, -.

But the most recommended is Kalila Shop. Kalila located in the area, right next to the Theatre Kalila. Her bar does tend to be small and quiet, but the dumplings and the chicken soup champion! Very delicious!

Area Games

As we know, the area of games divided by the name of the region. Please take advantage of the given map when purchasing tickets, or ask for the red-shirted officer in Dufan. I suggest that the optimal, not jumping from one game to another game that is targeted only. But just browse by region, from the nearest entrance to the play area Dufan get to the exit.

I myself had forgotten the order of rides that children and nephew ride that time. But I noted some of the rides that deserved to be queued so long as Theatre Simulator Happy Feet. This vehicle is a vehicle that displays the latest Dufan theater experience of being in a simulator in which we can share in the adventure of the penguins in Happy Feet.

A not to be missed of course Turangga-insects (carousel) which has become something of an icon Dufan vehicle. Our kids' favorite is Ubanga-ubanga (bumber cars) in the vehicle Kalila. They reached back and forth six times queuing up to climb! In the time came that we had to climb about 10 rides for queuing time is also quite long. So be smart to just pick what you want to ride rides by your children.

If you bring children with diverse age range, it is better to separate them based on height, so that no one is waiting for his brother who pouted again play in. Because some rides require a minimum height 125 cm, Niagara-gara and Rafting. So maybe the children who have the same father rather large, rather small can be just as her mother. In order not to separate a bit much, do it in each specific region, then towards the other regions could walk together again.

Of all the tips I shared earlier, there is only one "ganjelan" to me, which is about the regulations to pay full price for a ticket with a minimum height of 100 cm. Because the fact that for some rides in Dufan impose a minimum height of 125 cm regulations. Why is it that the rules of buying a ticket at full price it's not for a minimum height of 125 cm? Ask why?

In spite of it all, I still dare say that Dunia Fantasi theme park is the most complete, the most fun of all ages and at least give the impression because of the enormous differences in the selection area. I've been to some kind of theme park in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. And sorry to say, for me, Dufan is still the best! Happy holiday! ^ _ ^

2014/09/15 (Mon) 23:28
Phone Tracker by WinWinHost Inc

Phone Tracker like having a well organized safety net for your smartphone and manages to deliver somewhat more than it first appears. And while its name suggests that this tracking application is purely around to track the location of your Android phone there are plenty of other really useful features that come with it. It is something in your phone to intuitively track GPS location and has the potential to keep an eye on your kids.phone tracker. garden sheds

Phone-Tracker is a handy security application specifically designed for the Android smart phones. It is an easy way to track GPS location including recently traveled paths that may have been taken, safety maps for you and your loved ones to ensure their safety. Locate any GPS enabled phone from within the app whether it be your child's or an employee's phone and know where they are at any time of the day or night.phone tracker

Moreover it can be used as a back up for of your own Android smart phone , Many a times people lost their and also lost the data along the phone. Firstly You do not to lose your phone when phone tracker is running on that the your phone as you can always find your phones location of it via phone tracker's web application and get it back. Secondly even if your phone's battery get exhausted or the thief wash your phone , you will be able to the data of your phone and use it with your new phone.http://shareishere.tumblr.com/

Install Phone Tracker today, its worth a try!"

2014/09/02 (Tue) 22:43
Why website owners should know about web hosting:Part 5

In this 5th part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus on the FTP accounts. Uploading the website files to the web hosting server can be very time consuming via the web browser interface , especially when your website consists of hundreds or thousands of files. These days websites are being with the help web development frameworks for robust and fast development.

These Frameworks are very extensive as they are loaded with lots of features , they are often called bundles , widgets , plugins , addons ... Most widely used frameworks around are Laravel , Zend Framework , CakePHP , YII , WordPress , Drupal , Joomla. If you download one of them and into in directory structure. You will find thousands of files combining into a framework.

So we were talking about if we are need to upload thousands of files on our web hosting server via web interface , it might take hours to get them upload. Though their are now few web hosting services which allow files to uploaded in zipped form and we can unzip them on ther server after they are uploaded there. But most of web hosting services don't offer such facility which leaves users with best alternative option of FTP accounts. Some web hosting services offer only 1 FTP account , other can give multiple FTP account which can be very useful when more than 1 person is updating files on the website.If website owners or the web developer don't know the option of multiple FTP accounts , they are in loss when they dont use of paid feature for which they are paying.unlimited web hosting

So website owners and web developers/designers should know well about what are the FTP services they are getting what they purchased web hosting account.

2014/08/22 (Fri) 23:27
"Why website owners should know about web hosting:Part 4

In this 4th part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus more on the Quick Apps that users can install from within the web hosting interface.These days websites are need to setup quickly and of high quality with lots of features that show they from the modern era. Website owners pays 1000s of Dollars to even get simple websites get running. If your website if relatively small and don't have to have lot of customization , why not you should use open course apps that can be setup much quicker and in much less cost and if web hosting is giving quick install option for such apps that is a real catch.unlimited web hosting

You can instantly install over 100s of open-source scripts with just a click , and they get installed on much more quicker as they running on fast servers. OKay lets look into if we have to install such open-source scripts or open-source app in conventional way , how much steps we have to do , and how time we will have to spend to get these kind of open source apps. There are number of apps I can mention right now , But I will mention most widely used open course apps around these days. Drupal , Joomla , WordPress are the mostly widely used ones , They have number of built in features like CMS(Content Management System) , If you want to make custom for your website it would take months to make one for a simple website.windows web hosting

Okay , Lets say we need to setup our website over WordPress. For that we first would need to goto Wordpress's official website and download the latest version in a zipped form. After that we would need to unzip that file in a directory/folder and upload that whole folder to the web hosting space we have got through the FTP (File Transport Protocol) client or through web interface if our web hosting service provides it. After that we need to setup a database on our web hosting , We should remember database's name and its username and password as well. Now if we need to goto our URL or Domain name that we purchased against our web hosting through a web browser , If we will display message of setting up your WordPress website and will ask Name and title for the website. In next step it will ask for the Database server's address , usually it localhost or the name of the hosting campany's server , You can note it down when you setup a dabase. In next lines it will ask for the datbase's name , its username and its password and in next step it ask fo what username and password we want to choose for our Wordpress administration section. Than in the last step it will start installing the WordPress on our Web Space.windows web hosting

All the processes in above paragraph are required to install WordPress on your web space , whereas You can instantly install it within few seconds if your web hosting is offering the Quick Install feature. And now you know it would save you from wasting hours and all difficult steps if you know your web hosting features well.

2014/08/20 (Wed) 21:31
Why website owners should know about web hosting:Part 3

In this 3rd part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus more on the email features that website owners don't get benefit of. Webmail access , this is a topic which most of website owners don't want to bother themselves with , why ? Because they are use to using the generic free gmail services and just don't bother with managing another webmail site.

The webmail services provided by the web hosting providers are mostly compatible with the general free email clients people already using , but they are unaware. For example I am using the emails of the website through gmail , I can send , receive emails with email address "myname@mywebsite.com" fromt that same gmail environment. So I never have to worry about using a new environment or any other desktop client which I don't like much myself.

All this can be setup using features like POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP. EVen you can receive your email to your phone via IMAP Support. There are also other smart features like for preventing spam with Spam filtering within functions , Autoresponders, Mail Forwards, Email Aliases, Mailing Lists. SO thats of free features provided with the web hosting service you do buy. Again I would like to mention number of features depend on the package you are buying. If you your website is being managed by someone else , either a company or a indivual you the right to know the email features provided with your web hosting package so you can use it you full extent.
Get windows web hosting Now!

2014/08/18 (Mon) 02:33
"Why website owners should know about web hosting:Part 2

In this 2nd part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus on the email advantages that website owners are not aware of when they are unaware of the web hosting on which their website is being hosted at. Usually It has been seem that business owners or lets say website owners send out emails from free email services like yahoo , gmail , hotmail.... , when the users or lets say customers get emails from such people and offering services and delivering any important message they simply sometimes go into spam or junk folders of the users email accounts. Even if these emails pass the junk or spam folders users just see and ignore the emails and simply sent them to trash and all the hard work is gone in vain.unlimited web hosting

If those emails were sent from a professional email addresses like name@company.com or lets say yourname@yourwebsite.com or more specifically service@yourwebsite.com , people reading those emails might have given more attention to them. There were more chances that people open it and might get interested in the service you are offering or read the important message they needed to hear.

Most of the web hosting services offer email service the web hosting , hmm there can be different quality and quantity of email service coming along the web hosting. Infact that depend on the money , the money you spend on the the package you buy. There are different number of emails you can use and there are different features which can be very useful like email forwarding , autoresponders and much more. One very important feature is the total space you get with each , if you get 10 emails with you hosting package and each email have 100MB space with it , means you have total of 1GB space for emails. This is extra space along the web hosting space.

So you can now guess if you don't know the web hosting service you are using , you cannot be surely aware of the email services along your web hosting which is a major loss when you paying for those email services and not using them."unlimited web hosting

2014/08/16 (Sat) 00:47
Why website owners should know about web hosting:Part 1

In this 1st part of "Why website owners should know about web hosting" , we will focus on lack of speed faced by users of

the website when web hosting server is not up to mark. Web Hosting has been a more or less a technical term for website

owners since many years , its thought to be a part of the job of web hosting providers or the web designers and developers.

In Both the ways either web hosting providers or web designers and developers , Web site owners are kept unaware of web

hosting features , price and quality of the web hosting.unlimited web hosting/

Like at many times Website owners complain about there website was not loading , and at most of time website owners think

that this must be the mistake of web designers and developers. Whereas it is most likely that web hosting server was down

at that time. Even sometimes website owners and users of the website notice the website loading times are slow , though

there is lot of part in it of web design and development methods. Loading speeds are mostly optimized by the web designers

and developers during development phase or even after launch sometimes. We can say there must be times when web designers

and developers skip loading optimization. But at times its due to the slow uplink of the web hosting servers.

So its very important that website owners should be aware if hosting server is upto mark in terms of up and down link as

well.unlimited web hosting/

2014/08/12 (Tue) 00:38
Unlimited web hosting ??

What is unlimited web hosting and what would it be able to accommodate us clients? On the off chance that you are searching for an imparted hosting administration supplier to make your own particular website or self facilitated web journal with then there is a considerable measure to look into this new peculiarity that is constantly utilized by practically these organizations to tempt potential clients. There used to be an utmost to gimmicks, for example, circle space, data transmission, areas and messages for a particular record. Presently the agreement is to simply offer more than any client could perhaps require. When one web host supplier began doing this, they all hopped on the fleeting trend to stay focused. How does this really function and is there truly, for example, thing as unlimited?

Clients are made to accept that there is no restriction to the measure of websites they can make, the measure of email records they have entry to, the extent of their webpage and the measure of movement that is constantly created. Once upon a time, there were diverse levels of estimating for bundles offering different measures of peculiarities, however that has ended up old. Very little. The way they work is essentially the same as they did in the recent past, the main distinction is that these organizations now realize that the vast majority of their clients sign up for a record and really just utilize a little rate of what is continuously advertised. As such, most clients would utilize the same measure of circle space, data transmission, areas and messages on their unlimited record as they would for a fundamental arrangement. From a showcasing viewpoint, its unadulterated virtuoso. The client supposes he or she is getting such a great deal more esteemhttp://realestatemarketingtools.beep.com.

It's really a win-win circumstance for both gatherings. You are still equipped to have your locales at greatly low costs. So consider the possibility that you're not by any stretch of the imagination going to get an unlimited sum as you are guaranteed. Do you truly require it? This really provides for you, the client, more elbowroom on the off chance that you get to be disappointed with impediments of your hosting arrangement. To discover all the more about what it intends to have unlimited plate space, transmission capacity, areas and email records,look at these unlimited web hosting plans .

2014/06/05 (Thu) 00:12
What unlimited web hosting really is

What unlimited web hosting really is

Unlimited web hosting sounds like unlimited hard disk space , unlimited bandwidth , unlimited FTP accounts , unlimited databases and unlimited emails addresses. Though upto some extent it is true and not all things are unlimited as stated in last sentence. Its all taken from the real world that some restaurants offer buffet eat much as you can in 1 meal time”. Its obvious generally 1 human being cannot eat more than twice his/her needs , so is the case with websites.

True power of unlimited web hosting comes with more than 1 domain name can be hosting on 1 unlimited web hosting account. Thats the main difference in that normal hosting and unlimited web hosting. But still there is limit to number of domains names to be hosted on “unlimited web hosting” by every web hosting company all over the World. Like 5-10 domains is fair number with unlimited web hosting package that has fair disk usage upto 10GB.

As we discussed earlier other aspects of hosting are also more than limited with unlimited web hosting. For instance we can see being mentioned on the unlimited web hosting package “unlimited disk space”, hmm in real world its not possible but its still with most unlimited web hosting packages you get lot more space than a the normal hosting package. Also normal hosting packages offer 1 or 2 database account , 1 or 2 FTP accounts , 4-5 email accounts , I cannot assure but most web hosting providers offer 4-5 database accounts, 4-5 FTP accounts and lot more email addresses than 5.

we can conclude that unlimited web hosting can offer us more disk space , more databases , more FTP accounts , more email addresses and most importantly more than 1 domain name to be hosted. If you own more than 1 web site or your website is being managed by more than 1 person , Unlimited web hosting should be your choice."http://blogs.rediff.com/shareishere/

2014/05/30 (Fri) 00:42
Quick Web Hosting Talk

In the wake of using a great deal of hours and putting each touch of styles to your site to make it however much as could be expected eye getting to your focused on individuals, you are presently prepared to show your site. However don't surmise that was everything you needed to distribute your site. There are still numerous things to be finished for introduction of your website which incorporates Web Hosting. Web facilitating is a blend of web server, space name enlistment, email administrations, space for site pages to be put away , along these lines on gave by most normally Isp(internet Service Provider) or rumored web facilitating administration supplier as for instance winwinhost.com. There are two alternatives for you to have your site:
unlimited web hosting
*hosting independent from anyone else

*hosting by ISP or eminent web facilitating organizations

1.hosting independent from anyone else: You need to remember a few notes while you chose to have the site yourself. The principal step is to oversee influential server fittings alongside 24 hours high velocity association. Don't imagine that minimal effort segments, for example, a primitive pc will do the employment. It may cause numerous restrictions on clients when you pick server- permit that, more often than not, is much costly than customer permit. Other than, managing bugs, infections, programmers, malwares, and not letting your server down for any period in 24 hours is not as simpler as you think. In general, it can cost you unnecessary costs and diligent work.

2.hosting by ISP or prestigious web facilitating organizations: ISP or web facilitating administration supplier can guarantee you quick and dependable association speed ,powerful web servers with the preferences of burden adjusting and obliged reinforcement administrations. Also, you can expect more than 99% uptime server, programming patches, and a solid infection assurance. Before you contact a facilitating supplier, you have to examine a few matters.

tag : web hosting, unlimited hosting ,windows

2014/05/30 (Fri) 00:38
Online networking Marketing

Online networking Marketing

Online networking destinations have been an extraordinary stage for advertisers who own a business offering administrations or items and need to attain clients reactions and additionally a great movement. As we know, it is just about difficult to discover any web client who does not have a profile on an online networking website. Individuals constantly jump at the chance to make companions, impart their clever stories and day by day perspectives, talk, along these lines on with one another. Hence, some mainstream social networking locales including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on have gathered them in one spot to appreciate those offices together. You will see some of them assuming distinctive gathering discourse which could be political, religious, media related, et cetera. On the other hand, let me put a reasonable origination on Social Media Marketing and how it really functions.windows web hosting

What is Smm(social Media Marketing)? : In a couple of words, SMM is about promoting which makes a solid way for organizations or little organizations to focus on a particular gathering of individuals for their items or administrations. What make them intrigued to expose on these social locales is low cost and a great probability to increase achievement. Some could be washout at the end if all the techniques they actualized for their showcasing are not solid enough. We ought to reconsider our methodologies before we begin our social networking showcasing.

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2014/02/05 (Wed) 15:41
Can I keep backup of my smartphone’s data on a WebSite?

Yes , Now Phone Tracker is packed with features never thought of before.

Note : These services can work on your or any of other phone with your Child ID installed in Phone tracker net app at that phone.

Following features have been given to all our valued users.

1-Have a copy of Phone book on your Phone-Tracker account.
2-Have a copy of Email Address book on you Phone-Tracker account.
3-Call Log for more up-to a year
4-SMS Log for more up-to year
5-Web Browsing History more up-to a year
6-Copy of all the Image , Audio and Video Files.
7- Safety Maps (Fire,Earthquake,Weather hazards,and help) that keep you and your loved ones out of danger.

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